Our Foundation

The main aim of the foundation activity is to promote ecological geese farming for the purpose of obtaining healthy and valuable meat and fat as well as the promotion of white geese down and feather, obtained after slaughter, which is a natural product of the highest elasticity in the world. We propagate geese farming in natural and ecological conditions in flocks up to 100 heads fed with farming animal feed and pastured in rangelands and meadows. In this area the foundation conducts a wide range of trainings and lecturers for farmers and it assists in obtaining ecological goslings. The farmers get the goslings free of charge and they settle their accounts after slaughter by delivering ecological down and feather as well as goose carcasses to the foundation. The goose carcasses are intended for cooking workshops organised for the purpose of goose meat promotion. The money earned from the sale of down and feather is used for the purpose of purchasing goslings.

            We cooperate very closely with Zootechnical Institute – National Research Institute, Experimental Farm in Kołuda Wielka, which has been dealing with Biała Kołudzka geese farming for 53 years. The cooperation focuses on the research in the area of animal welfare, quality of ecological geese meat and fat as well as down and feather obtained after slaughter. Within the range of its activity the foundation cooperates with German and Japanese importers of down and feather which is obtained after slaughter. The mission of the foundation is to reach a wide circle of ecological geese products’ receivers and to convince them about their high nutritional and  health-oriented values. We promote a regional product, therefore, the best thing we have got – an ecological goose. 

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Our Foundation
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